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The Bicycle Thief March 6, 2009


Jimmy Carter saving energy by using good old-fashioned pedal power.

Somebody stole Jimmy Carter’s bicycle. True story.

I was watching the Jon Stewart show a few weeks ago and he had the 84-year-old former president on. They discussed, among other pressing topics, peace in the Middle East and the recent inauguration of Barack Obama. Strangely enough, the two seemed to have a genuine rapport. Carter seemed especially tickled when, at the end of the interview, Stewart gifted him with two new bicycles to replace the ones belonging to Jimmy and Rosalynn that had recently been stolen from The Carter Center here in Atlanta.

What? Someone actually stole Jimmy and Rosalynn’s bicycles? Does this strike anyone else as odd? I mean, how is it even possible? Don’t the Carters have constant Secret Service detail? And wouldn’t The Carter Center be zipped up as tight as a drum with security cameras everywhere? It just seems so … implausible.

My sister-in-law actually works at The Carter Center, so I asked her about it a few days later. She wasn’t sure, but she thought the bikes had been taken from a small storage shed somewhere on the grounds where they stored lawnmowers and stuff like that.

I tell you, these are either the dumbest or the smartest criminals on earth. I’m leaning toward the former, mostly because I wonder if they even realize what they got. I mean, do they even know the bikes they took belonged to the former President and First Lady? If so, how much do you think they can get for them? Are we going to see them being hawked on craigslist one day, in an ad that might read: “One pair gently used bicycles once owned by Prez and Mrs. Carter. Men’s bike is a red 10-speed sporting a Habitat for Humanity sticker. Ladies’ bike is green and has a woven basket handy for carrying peaches”?


A Political Party January 27, 2009

inaugurationcookie2Just wanted to follow up, since some people have asked, about the big Obamathon the family and I had on inauguration night a week ago. We actually ended up not making the Inauguritas and even skipped the whole Good vs. Evil ping-pong tourney, but we did dine on Barack Obama chili (yup, his actual recipe, which you can find here, among other places) and also snacked on a bag of Obama cookies—featuring the faces of Barack, Michelle, Malia, Sasha, and the yet-to-be-named family dog—that my sister picked up especially for the occasion at Pike Place Market in Seattle. There was also the reading of grievances against the outgoing regime, a rehashing of Bush bloopers and funny quotes, an Obama quiz, and other political hilarity.

It’s funny, my family has never been very political as a whole, and this was the first time we had ever come together to celebrate, even in such a silly way, anything remotely civic, bureaucratic, or governmental. I guess January 20, 2009, was a historic day in more ways than one.


Hail to the Chief January 18, 2009

525113296_3b30d07135_oMy sister, Joy, is coming into town on Tuesday (hooray!). Tuesday happens to be a special day for another reason as well. It’s the day Barack Obama officially becomes our 44th president. And my sister wants to celebrate. In fact, she’s given each of us assignments for the party. My brother (an incredible writer—see his blog at jonwbecker.wordpress.com) is supposed to write a short poem about Obama to be recited, I’m supposed to come up with a game we’ll play with some trivia about Bush and Obama, and my sister-in-law is going to be whipping up a little something called Inauguritas. When my sister left me a voicemail message about the party, she claimed it was going to be a “super, fun-filled event.”

Let me tell you, the girl is pysched. I’m not sure if her excitement stems more from the fact that that tool Bush will no longer be in office or more about what she thinks Obama can and will do while in office (it’s probably a little of both), but when I heard she had even ordered a special cake for the occasion, I knew she was really cranked up!

In fact, given her excitement, maybe our new president should consider her for some sort of official White House post. He’d certainly do well to have someone like her in his corner!