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The Bicycle Thief: The Sequel March 11, 2009

Filed under: mishaps and mayhem — jillb @ 2:55 am

In case you didn’t happen to catch Dragon’s comment on my post below about former First Couple Jimmy and Rosalynn Carter getting their bicycles stolen recently, I thought I’d share a quick update with you.

Turns out some friends of an acquaintance of mine who own a local bike shop actually gave those bikes to the Carters. Apparently, the Carters had brought their old bikes in to the shop for repair, but the bikes were so shabby looking that the owners decided to give them each a new set of wheels.

And now they’re gone! A precious gift stolen in the dark of night by some heartless Schwinn snatcher. It shocks and saddens me.

Luckily, thanks to Jon Stewart, the Carters are back in the saddle again. Hopefully, he thought to throw in two bike locks as well!


2 Responses to “The Bicycle Thief: The Sequel”

  1. jonwbecker Says:

    When are you gonna post a new blog article? Don’t go Billy Bob on us.

  2. jillb Says:

    Now that I write so much for work, it’s a little less appealing to do it for fun and, well, do it and not get paid for it. Guess you could call me a writing whore now.

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