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Name that Kitty February 14, 2009

I have a new kitten. But poor little kitty needs a name. Everything I’ve thought of so far or that’s been suggested sounds either too silly, too girly, too sad, or just plain doesn’t fit.

I’ve had this problem before. Back in my 20s, I adopted these two kittens from a woman at work. One was an adorable little boy who could almost pass for a Maine Coon and the other was a beautiful baby girl who was all white except for a spot of gray on the top of her head. As cute and wonderful as they were, you’d think it would have been easy to find names for them, but I could never make anything stick. They were almost six months old before everyone started threatening to name them for me and out of desperation I came up with Harold and Maude. They had those names for 20 and 21 years respectively.

My other cat, Man-Man, already had his name when I adopted him from the Humane Society two years ago. I thought it was kind of weird at the time and thought about changing it for a second, but now I can’t imagine calling him anything else.


New kitty at work with me on Friday.


New kitty photographs looking mean but isn't.

Maybe that’s what I should do with this new kitten. Just pick something and go with it. But I can’t seem to make myself do it. I’d rather wait to see if something great comes along. And that’s where maybe you can help me. Maybe you’ll take one look at her and the perfect name will pop into your head. Or maybe you’ll be inspired to come up with something after you hear the story of how I came to be her new mom. However you come to it, I’d love it if you share your suggested names with me, so I don’t have to keep referring to her as “new kitty.”

“New kitty” had just been rescued from being stuck in a storm drain when I found her. It was in the Publix parking lot over by my mom’s apartment complex, where this colony of feral cats has taken up residence in the adjoining wooded area. The cats are all wild, but survive because this nice woman comes regularly and leaves food out for them. Which is why I was so surprised when this little kitten didn’t immediately run off after being set free; she let the men pick her up and then as I started walking over to see what was going on, she ran right up to me and even starting playing with the bottom of my skirt.

Hey, maybe Skirt would be a good name for her. Or maybe Squirt, since she only weighs 4 pounds. I don’t know, I just can’t decide. What do you think?


12 Responses to “Name that Kitty”

  1. Black and white to me equals old movies – how about Gish? Marlene? etc.

  2. jillb Says:

    Thanks for the suggestion, Brian. I’ll add those to the list.

  3. Joy B Says:

    Poo Poo #2- you get it

  4. me Says:

    What about…

    Edgar Allan Poe
    Janet Jackson : Miss Jackon if you’re nasty.

    Yeah, I’m no help, eh?

  5. Pedro Says:

    What a nice kitten you’ve got! Are you allowed to take your kitten to work? Because here in Spain is unthinkable! (I want to think is your study room…) And by the way, what a coincidence!! Here you have some links to Colás, our lovely cat 🙂


    I’ve read you got the cat from the Human Society, what opinion do you have of them? From time to time we make a donation despite we have not such organization in Spain (they seem to be serious).

    P.S. We also have a Mac 😉

  6. jillb Says:

    Pedro, thanks for the reply. I loved seeing the pics of your cat in the Santa suit! My other cat is orange like Colás. What does Colás translate to in English? And the Humane Society is wonderful; they do lots of great things for animals.

  7. He’s a tuxedo cat. How about Tuxie?

  8. joy becker Says:

    I like Madge, Poo Poo, tux, Miss Thing (b/c she looks like she has attitude), Charlie, Squirrel

  9. C Becker Says:

    Mr. Schmaltz

  10. Christine Says:

    We have a tuxedo cat. He was already named Oreo. Keith calls him Cookie a lot. And he’ll say “what you doing, furry cookie?” an image we all find ridiculous. When we got him, he was seriously smelly, so I threatened to rename him Skunk or Pepe le Pew.

  11. envisionhope Says:

    How about HOPE.

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