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“You’re Going to Love My Nuts” January 31, 2009

OH, NO HE DIDN’T! He didn’t really just say, on national TV, “You’re going to love my nuts.” But, yes, I watched it again just to be sure, and he did.

The guy from those ShamWow commercials is now hawking another new product, the Slap Chop. So he’s throwing carrots and potatoes and celery and all sorts of other veggies in this little contraption, slapping the blade down, and demonstrating its awesome slicing and dicing power, all the while eschewing its virtues as only a fast-talking pitch guy with a Jersey accent and name like Vince can. Then, blending it into his spiel so smoothly you almost don’t catch the double entendre, he looks into the camera and blurts out, “You’re going to love my nuts,” and then he picks up a handful of cashews and walnuts and throws them into the chopper. Classic!!

Has anyone else seen this commercial and been as shocked—and amused—as I was? If you haven’t, check out the video. The nuts line is about 35 seconds in, but you’ll catch some other fun Vince quotes like, “You’re going to be in a great mood all day because you’re going to be slapping your troubles away,” “Life’s hard enough as it is, you don’t need to cry anymore,” “Linguine, fettuccine, martini, bikini!,” and “This tuna looks boring. Stop having a boring tuna. Stop having a boring life.”

You know what, Vince, you’ve got me convinced that your little gadget can indeed spice up my life. So you can come over and show me your nuts any day.

Now, how’s that for double entendre?


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