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A Political Party January 27, 2009

inaugurationcookie2Just wanted to follow up, since some people have asked, about the big Obamathon the family and I had on inauguration night a week ago. We actually ended up not making the Inauguritas and even skipped the whole Good vs. Evil ping-pong tourney, but we did dine on Barack Obama chili (yup, his actual recipe, which you can find here, among other places) and also snacked on a bag of Obama cookies—featuring the faces of Barack, Michelle, Malia, Sasha, and the yet-to-be-named family dog—that my sister picked up especially for the occasion at Pike Place Market in Seattle. There was also the reading of grievances against the outgoing regime, a rehashing of Bush bloopers and funny quotes, an Obama quiz, and other political hilarity.

It’s funny, my family has never been very political as a whole, and this was the first time we had ever come together to celebrate, even in such a silly way, anything remotely civic, bureaucratic, or governmental. I guess January 20, 2009, was a historic day in more ways than one.


One Response to “A Political Party”

  1. Stephaie Says:

    The family that gleefully gloats together stays together.

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