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When Good Service Goes Bad, Part 2 January 12, 2009

Okay, here’s a new one.


I made my first trip to the gargantuan BrandsMart store by my office yesterday (which, FYI, I found extremely overwhelming in a gawdy Vegas sort of way), and when I went to check out, I had no sooner handed over my purchases, than the cashier said, “Please check YES or NO on the screen.” There, on the screen of the thingy you swipe your credit card through, was the question, “Was your cashier friendly today?” Well, um, damn, I’ve barely started my transaction, should how can I say? Plus, I’ve got to pick up the stylist and check the appopriate box right in front of the checker who’s about to complete my transaction. Wouldn’t checking “no” be like harassing your waiter right before he’s about to serve your food?

And this after I was already annoyed, because before they would even give me my new $39.99 router to take to the checkout stand, they were asking me for my phone number. Why, I ask you, do they need your name, rank, and serial number just so you can buy something? I mean, if I have the cash, or my credit card goes through, what the heck else do you need? Before you know it, they be wanting our fingerprints and a pint of blood before we can even buy a stinkin’ pack of gum!


2 Responses to “When Good Service Goes Bad, Part 2”

  1. Joy Says:

    I was filing a police report today at work and the police officer asked me for my middle initial. Seriously? wha t does it matter?

    Yeah, I hate it when they ask your phone number before you check out somewhere. But I do like how rattled the cashier gets when you decline giving it. It’s like they have no idea how to proceed…..hmmm…. okay…. now what?

  2. Joy Says:

    PS- I love that you posted your rant at 2:27 am. Got you so hot under the collar that you just couldn’t sleep huh?

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