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A Pat on the Back December 31, 2008

images1 I’m kind of proud of myself. Yesterday I did something I’ve never been able to do. I actually came up with an analogy. I was writing a review on the website VacationPlanning.net, and I compared visiting Las Vegas with dating the bad boy in high school. I said, “You know the risks, but you can’t help but hop on the back of his motorcycle and go for a ride.”

Sure, it’s a small thing, and maybe not even that great of an analogy, but I’ve always been envious of the people who could come up with gems like “Her hair glistened in the rain like a nose hair after a sneeze” (that one courtesy http://tsl.vox.com/library/post/25-great-analogies.html) seemingly off the top of their head. Again, it’s a small victory, and a very personal one, but aren’t those sometimes the best kind? Like the freshest flower in a summer bouquet, or catching a green light when you’re in a hurry, or … wait, maybe I’d better stop while I’m ahead.


2 Responses to “A Pat on the Back”

  1. Jon Says:

    A good analogy stays with you for a long time. I still remember as a sportswriter in college comparing the leaky Houston Cougar defense to truck stop vending machine condom. Ok, maybe it wasn’t good, but it was memorable.
    My favorite was when Chris Garcia, the Stateman’s movie critic, said Armegeddon (the movie) was like a naked man singing rock and roll anthems at the top of his lungs, or something like that. I still use that today with Chris as kind of an inside joke, like “This [salad] is like a naked man singing rock and roll anthems at the top of his lungs

  2. Joy Says:

    Okay forgive the nonwriters in the family but I think mom says it best when she says “Coke is like a rape in the mouth”.


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